SKY CANVAS is the Earth’s first space entertainment technology encouraging science. We aim to create a new generation of space and science enthusiasts by providing an experience for everyone and a contribution to climate research.

Sky Canvas Meteor Display

Painting the sky with the science of shooting stars

By transforming the night sky into a showcase for human-made shooting stars, SKY CANVAS offers entertainment on an unprecedented scale. Using a proprietary technology that enables satellites to create shooting stars, people over a wide area can marvel at a stunning sight at the same time.

But SKY CANVAS is more than just entertainment.

A starry sky inspires wonder, which sparks scientific curiosity, the driving force behind humanity’s progress.

The data obtained from studying the path and light emission of shooting stars also helps shed light on the mechanisms of climate change. Born of a meteor shower, this initiative not only helps advance scientific knowledge but also makes space closer for all of humankind.


Why even make a meteor shower?

At SKY CANVAS, our journey has been one of curiosity.

A journey that strives to unravel the mysteries of our own world and leave it a better place for generations to come.

By combining critical climate research with a new form of space entertainment we believe we can contribute to understanding climate change whilst awakening curiosity in people all over the planet, both now and for future generations.

Sky Canvas Prep


How do you make a meteor shower?

Our technology recreates natural shooting stars.

First, meteor-replicating particles are installed into our satellite.

Then, by controlling the position, speed, and timing of the meteor particles, the human-made shooting stars are able to emit light in the sky of any designated location anywhere in the world.


How do you make a meteor shower?


How do you make a meteor shower?

Meteorites emit light due to the extreme aerodynamic heating of small dust particles when they travel through earth’s atmosphere at very high speed. We experience this phenomenon as shooting stars.

SKY CANVAS recreates this phenomenon by accurately releasing particles that become shooting stars from our satellites when they enter earth’s atmosphere.

Allowing people all over the earth to enjoy this rare, beautiful, celestial experience at the push of a button.


Creating fascination in science

In that moment when people look towards the sky, we deliver a moment which creates awe and awakens curiosity towards science.


More than just entertainment

Our human-made shooting stars were conceived in science to help understand one of the biggest risks to our planet.

Today natural disasters are becoming more serious the world over due to global warming.

By studying the path and light emission of shooting stars, we aim to unravel the mysteries of the Earth’s atmosphere and speed up the acquisition of Earth’s weather data.

By shedding light on the mechanisms of climate change, we hope to advance scientific knowledge and help create a sustainable world for humankind.


Bringing climate research to the mesosphere

Sky Canvas Shooting Stars Over London

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